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Skunk Cabbage Empty Skunk Cabbage

Post by Jeff "LFB" Kindy on Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:53 pm

We came across a plant in the marsh area of Island Lake that we could not identify. It had a strong skunky smell, broad leaves and grew like rhubarb. The stalk had easily harvested stringy material we tried to make cordage from. For me it was too springy to twist, but could be done.

Skunk Cabbage Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSI_PQFJWIOv5JVHsmQxE-AItVfRWzhkcJ9Pfw_R-xnG817HhXb

From Peterson's Field Guide, copied from another forum:
This is out of Peterson Field Guides “Venomous Animals & Poisonous Plants” page 150: “…..Ingesting leaves may cause gastrointestinal burning and inflammation. Roots, formerly used medicinally, considered narcotic and emetic.”

From Peterson Field Guides “Medicinal Plants and Herbs” page 230: “….uses: American Indians used root for cramps, convulsions, whooping cough, toothaches; root poulticed for wounds, underarm deodorant. Leaf poulticed to reduce swelling, ate dried root to stop epileptic seizures. Subsequently used by physicians as antispasmodic for epilepsy, spasmodic coughs, asthma: used externally in lotions for itching., rheumatism; diuretic; emetic in large doses. Warning: Eating leaves causes burning, inflammation. Roots considered toxic.

From Peterson Field Guides “Edible Wild Plants” page 156: “Use: Cooked green, flour. The thoroughly dried young leaves are quite good reconstituted in soups or stews. The thoroughly dried rootstocks can be made into a pleasant cocoalike flour. Warning: Contains calcium oxalate crystals; eating the raw plant causes an intense burning sensation in the mouth. Boiling does not remove this property – only thorough drying.”

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Skunk Cabbage Empty Re: Skunk Cabbage

Post by Dan T on Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:03 pm

LOL I ended up Looking for it in my books aswell, thanks for the post brother!

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