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Post by Jeff "LFB" Kindy on Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:52 pm

The participants will receive one of my premium roughed out bow staves, a hand made flemish bow string, 2 complete arrows, and 3 days of intense one on one instruction on building a function-able piece of primitive art.

On the first day..{Friday/check in}
You will receive your staves, hand tools and arrows, hike back to camp and set up your camp site, and begin the fisrt stages of our selfbow theory class... selecting the bow woods from the wild and what to look for and precise wood removal on our staves via hand tools.

On the second day...{Saturday}
In between meals, water breaks; we will be working on the hand made flemish twist bow strings that i will show you how to make with no bowstring jigs or string boards!
After this class we will go back to final tillering of the bow now with the bowstring attached and finish up our primitive bow so we can move on to the final stages of completion ...shooting it in!

On the third and final day..{Sunday/check out}
We will make our final meal, break camp and listen and watch in our last demonstration, how to locate and find natural shoots in the wild for making arrows and i will have an impromptu arrow making class and show you all how to make your own primitive arrow in the field!
Then we will finally shoot our new bows in the field stump shooting and practicing with our bows before the final hike out!

Jamie B
Primitive Skills Instructor
Jeff "LFB" Kindy

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