Primitive Weapons Class

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Primitive Weapons Class

Post by Jeff "LFB" Kindy on Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:08 pm

You will be instructed on:
Building a Primitive Survival Bow – and Self Bow Theory
Finding and Building Primitive Arrows
Building an Atlatl and Darts
Theories and Applications of the Rabbit Stick
Pitch Glue and Applications will be Demonstrated
You will learn how to build primitive hunting equipment
through hand on instruction. We will be focusing on the build of a
primitive survival bow. It is quick to make, effective for small to
medium game and fun to shoot. This is a primer to our Primitive
Self-Bow class where you can make a 20-65 lb bow.
You will learn how to identify local plants that are ideal for
making strong arrow shafts. You will build an arrow with hand tied
wild feather fletching.
You will travel back in time by learning and building and Atlatl, an aboriginal weapon
that pre-dates the bow. You will build a dart from natural materials much like the arrow.
We will demonstrate how to make pine pitch glue for attaching points on the arrows and
We will cover an even simpler weapon and its theories, the Rabbit Stick.
All tools and materials will be provided by Great
Lakes Bushcraft. Included in the kit are:
o Primitive Survival Bow Stave
o Atlatl Blank
o Arrow and Dart Materials
o Bush Knife appropriate for building these
This will be an 8 hour class.
Cost for Materials and Instruction - $250

Instructor - Primitive Skills / Survival
Media Editor Extraodinaire
Jeff "LFB" Kindy

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