Questiosn about wells and preparedness

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Questiosn about wells and preparedness Empty Questiosn about wells and preparedness

Post by Friartuck on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:00 pm

I've been blessed to have five acres of my own and we have a well. With that well comes an electric pump system and with power outages comes NO WATER! I have been thinking for many years about having a manual pump well of my own for SHTF type situations. Here is my question; using the well head sticking out of the ground at my home, can I just attach a pitcher pump to this well head? If I take the cap off of it will still work with the eletric pump? See the attached pic of my well head with a dollar bill for scale.

Questiosn about wells and preparedness IMG_0778

I know that I have a very shallow water table because digging a trench a couple years ago I had to battle the water coming into the hole. If I can't use the existing well head, does anyone have a good idea for digging a shallow well (20 feet)?

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