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Small Backpack

Post by Jeff "LFB" Kindy on Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:35 am

Toad (David) brought his Patrol Pack / Radio Pouch.

I really liked the way it loaded. Big main compartment with a pocket inside where you could fit a hydration bladder and an opening for the hose. Another small pocket on the front with a strapped flap that Toad used roll his sleeping pad and coat into. He got his for $15, Ebay wants $20. Good pack for the price!

I went to M&R to get one, but alas they did not have any. I spied a small Alice Pack in there though. I had never seen a small in my 8 years in the Army. I was impressed enough to spend the $25 for it and brought it home. 1 large compartment with a small pocket in the back, you could fit a hydration bladder on it's side and snake the hose through the side of the flap. 3 small pockets on the outside, and a small map pocket in the top flap. You can pack a bed roll under the top flap with the straps long enough to secure it. Alice straps and no frame make this pack easy to carry and lightweight. Its rides high on the shoulders, I like this for when I carry a belt rig with butt pack. It is set up to be put on the Alice frame if you so desire too. I will post some pics of it in use the next time I take it out, but for now here is a stock photo.

I will probably replace the buckles with the Fastex replacement buckles.

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